A couple from Stevenage will feature in a BBC reality show tonight (Monday).

Barry Howard, 25, and Christy Winn, 21, from Uplands in Stevenage, filmed for BBC Three show Hotel of Mum and Dad in July. The episode originally aired on Thursday but will be repeated tonight.

The show sees young couples currently living with their parents given the opportunity to move into their own flat for one week while learning to cope with household budgeting issues and domestic chores independently.

The couple, who are now living in their own home in Stevenage, had been saving for a deposit on a home for two years at the time of filming.

However their plans were nearly delayed because Miss Winn, an office manager, planned to undergo an expensive breast enlargement operation. She ultimately decided to put this on hold in order to move out.

Mr Howard, who works as an aerial repairman, said: “It was definitely a good experience. It taught us a lot about what it would be like to actually live together and there were a lot of things we really hadn’t expected. It helped us in a lot of ways and prepared us for living on our own now.”

Hotel of Mum and Dad airs every Thursday night on BBC Three at 9pm. The episode will be repeated tonight on BBC Three at 8pm.