Warnings have been issued to residents who are leaving their homes insecure after a spate of thefts.

Police are warning residents not to leave vehicles and properties insecure after a number of burglaries Stevenage over recent weeks.

In one incident, between 8.30pm on November 25 and 6.30am on November 26, an unknown number of offenders took a silver Kia Rio in Frobisher Drive.

The victim had momentarily left his front door insecure, enabling a spare key to be stolen before the car was later taken.

In Tintern Close, one or more offenders gained access to a property through the front door between 12.30am and 7am on October 28.

Nabbing a handbag which contained keys to a black Volkswagen Golf, the car itself was then taken.

Between 11.30pm on October 26 and 4am on October 27 in Crossgates, access was gained to a property after the front door was not properly secured.

Once inside, keys to a white Vauxhall Mokka were taken before the vehicle was stolen.

Soon after in Kimbolton Crescent – between 6am and 6.09am on October 28 – an offender was disturbed before they could take anything, though the front door was not secured fully.

DC Katy Tucker, who is investigating, said: “A lot of people, particularly around this time of the year, are very busy.

“But I would urge everyone to take the time to double check that they have properly secured their properties and vehicles and not to leave their keys out on display.

“Equally, people should not leave their unlocked properties and vehicles unattended for any period of time as this can offer the ideal chance for an opportunistic thief.

“If anyone has any information, or saw or heard anything suspicious around the time and in the area of these burglaries, I would appeal to them to contact me.”