Railings have been installed at a train station in a bid to prevent fatalities.

The safety measure has been taken at Knebworth Railway Station as part of a national campaign by Network Rail and the Samaritans to try to prevent deaths on the rail network.

The railings along the platforms have large gaps to allow passengers’ access to the trains. They are gated but the gates will remain open.

A spokesman for Network Rail refused to say how much the work has cost, citing the sensitive nature of the campaign as a reason not to disclose this information.

She said yellow hatching has also been painted on the platform edges to “discourage vulnerable people from standing in these areas”, and Samaritans posters and signs have been put along the platforms.

The Network Rail spokesman said: “As part of our plan to try and prevent fatalities on our national rail network, we have started to implement measures at Knebworth station as we work to ensure the network is as secure as it can be.”

She added: “We continue to work very closely with the Samaritans nationwide to help vulnerable people who come onto the railway.

“This includes staff training and a media campaign to direct people to where they can find help.”

Network Rail is currently looking at other sites in the area.

The Comet asked the Samaritans to comment on its campaign but a spokesman declined.

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