A neighbourhood centre regeneration scheme has been criticised by residents following a public consultation.

Stevenage Borough Council (SBC) held an exhibition in partnership with developers Bouygues last Thursday, June 12, so residents could discuss plans for the Archer Road Neighbourhood Centre.

Under the plans, 30 council houses as well as extra retail units would be built alongside the existing convenience store and pharmacy.

The King Pin pub, previously located within the centre, was demolished in January as part of the regeneration scheme.

Now the proposals have been criticised by residents who disapprove of the intention to relocate the area’s community centre 500m away at nearby Hampson Park. Katie Vine, of Archer Road, said: “This seems to be yet another example of the council ripping the heart out of our community.

“First they demolish the King Pin pub – which was used by people, young and old, to socialise in their spare time – and then they say they want to take our community centre and, quite literally, move it out of the community. It beggars belief.

“It might not seem that far away to most people but we have a lot of elderly residents living here. They enjoy the ease that comes with not having to go that far to meet their friends at the centre. I really hope these plans are changed.”

Lewis Tavernier, also of Archer Road, said: “I visited the exhibition in the evening and there had clearly been a lot of comments. Some people were upset about the community centre being moved, some said there was a need for more parking, and some people were still sour about the pub getting knocked down.

“I hope the council really does take our comments into consideration before moving ahead.”

A spokesman for construction company Bouygues said residents’ comments would be acknowledged and considered throughout the upcoming planning process, before it is expected to go before SBC’s planning and development committee later this year.