A disabled woman says she feels trapped in her own home due to persistent flooding which dates back 30 years.

The Comet: The road outside Mr Sewell's house has been regularly flooding for more than 30 yearsThe road outside Mr Sewell's house has been regularly flooding for more than 30 years (Image: Archant)

Kim and Gary Sewell have been living in Twinwoods, Stevenage, since 1984, with an area outside their home constantly flooding.

The issue has been made worse since Kim became wheelchair bound 19 years ago, following an accident while working as a carer for the elderly.

When it rains large puddles form outside the couple’s house meaning Kim, 47, cannot get to her car, just 10 feet from her door.

Gary, 50, a former builder who is now Kim’s full-time carer, said: “I’m incredibly disappointed that nothing has been done despite the fact it’s being going on for so long.

“Whenever it rains we trapped her because it’s so difficult to get Kim into the car. When there’s been an emergency I’ve had to run out and frantically unblock the drains so she can get outside.

“All of this means we go out even less and Kim gets depressed because she feels she can’t leave the house. We’ve been complaining for the past 30 years and nothing has been done.”

Jerry Pert, regional director for Ringway which carries out maintenance work on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council, said: “We are aware of drainage problems on Twinwoods, Stevenage, and have attended site seven times in response to flooding reports since July 2013. The drains were cleansed in January after a report of flooding, however after heavy rainfall the following week it was reported that the road flooded again.

“A further investigation this week has found that the drainage system is operational but has problems with capacity during very high rainfall. We hope to carry out a CCTV survey, when cameras are used to more closely inspect the drainage system, within the next month, after which we will consider the best available solutions to capacity problems with Hertfordshire County Council.”