Two brothers who made their neighbours lives a “misery” have been handed a court order to control their behaviour.

A judge at Luton County Court imposed a 12-month Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction against Liam and Jordan Angus, of West Close, Stevenage last week.

The order will give police powers of arrest for the first six months – meaning any breach will result in them reappearing at court.

It will also stop them from involving or encouraging others to form gatherings of more than three people in or around their house and being threatening or intimidating to neighbours.

Councillor Ann Webb, who has responsibility for housing, said: “No one should have to live with anti-social behaviour and this injunction proves that we will not tolerate anyone who makes life a misery for their neighbours. I hope this encourages the young men to change their ways and I’d like to thank the public for helping our staff and the police to gather evidence which has resulted in the court’s decision.”

The order, imposed by a civil court, tend be sought by local authorities and housing associations to control anti-social behaviour by their tenants and are set up in the same way as an Anti-Social Behaviour Order.

A court will impose a series of conditions, that if breached, hold criminal consequences including time in prison.

PC Alison Hutchin from the Stevenage Safer Neighbourhood Team said, “The local Safer Neighbourhood Team and Community Safety Team have been working with the public and Stevenage Borough Council to address the intolerable levels of anti-social behaviour in this area. The granting of this injunction should send out a clear message to the perpetrators that this type of anti-social behaviour is not acceptable and that breaching the conditions is likely to result in criminal prosecution.”

Anti-social behaviour can be reported by contacting the council on 01438 242666 or by visiting our website at