Being a parent is often said to be a thankless task, but Chelsie Norris isn’t shy about telling her mum how wonderful she thinks she is.

“My mum is my hero, she has brought up her three children on her own and has done her very best.

“She works three jobs, works with special needs children and when she is not at work she is with her children and her special needs sister,” the 21-year-old said.

Chelsie, who has two babies herself, has put her mum Carol Taylor forward for the 2015 Comet Community Awards Parent in a Million category.

She said the mum-of-three has spent her life bending over backwards for her children and putting other people first.

And now Chelsie thinks it is about time she got the recognition she deserves.

She said: “It is the things she has done for everyone, always putting them first and never herself.

“I just thought it was about time that she had some recognition.

“She works three jobs and tries to help everyone.

“She does the taxi run to take children to school and she even looks after a little boy in the evenings.

“I just think it is about time she put herself first for once, now that we are older we can really see what she has done for us.

“She has made a lot of sacrifices and she always puts everyone else first and never herself.”

Carol, who has five grandchildren, works at Greenside School in Shephall Green and lives in Hayley Common Stevenage.

When the Comet rang to break the news to Carol that her daughter had nominated her for the Parent in a Million award she couldn’t believe it.

The 46-year-old said: “I’m shocked, it is so wonderful of Chelsie. That’s just so wonderful.

“That is just so lovely, bless her heart. I can’t believe it.”

Chelsie added: “My mum is my hero and if I could be someone like her I would be a very good and happy person.

“It’s about time she started getting a thank you for it.”