A disabled pensioner has been living in fear for more than a month after safety equipment that gives her peace of mind broke.

A workman turned up at Rosalind Reeder’s flat in Pollard Gardens in Stevenage on February 27 to tell her that her emergency cord and pendant were broken.

The 72-year-old lives alone and suffers from osteo and rheumatoid arthritis so relies on the devices to alert people if she falls as she is not able to lift herself up independently.

“The whole thing just keeps going round and round in circles and all the while I feel like I am walking on eggshells,” she said.

“My family are quite worried too because if I fall and am alone I could be there for hours, even days, before someone finds me.”

The block contains four other flats which all have working systems, says Rosalind, who says she can’t understand why landlord Hanover has taken so long to sort out the problem.

A spokesman apologised for the loss of service and promised that the problem will be fixed tomorrow, Friday.