The Prime Minister is up against a Muppet in this general election – Elmo to be precise.

The Comet: Bobby Smith is standing in this year's general electionBobby Smith is standing in this year's general election (Image: Archant)

Stevenage father Bobby Smith is standing for David Cameron’s constituency seat in Witney, Oxfordshire, having started his own party Give Me Back Elmo.

The 33-year-old is campaigning for a change to family law after he says he has been treated unfairly by the courts and denied proper access to his two young daughters for four years.

Bobby has adopted Muppet Elmo as his mascot because of a pet name he has for his children, and has been donning the red furry suit and camping outside Mr Cameron’s constituency home in a bid to get noticed.

“I’m trying to get David Cameron to address the matter of family law,” he said.

“It’s a huge problem. There is lots that needs changing, but one of the things they need to start with is 50/50 parenting.

“When a mum and dad split up, the dad has to start at zero contact and prove his worth.

“Fathers are just as important as mothers. Children need both parents.”

Bobby hopes his election campaign will raise awareness and take votes away from the PM.

“I think it’s too late for me and my girls now because it’s been too long, but I don’t want to sit back and see other people go through it,” he said.

“And hopefully there will come a time when my girls will make their own decision about me.”

Bobby had been seeing his children under supervised contact, but they gradually stopped attending the sessions. He said: “That contact centre killed every bit of relationship we had, bit by bit like a slow-moving cancer.

“The courts, the government, Cameron or Nick Clegg – someone needs to take responsibility for what my children had to go through. I am not looking for answers, I am looking for change, and I will continue with my campaign until that happens.”

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