The father of a three-year-old boy who was treated at Lister Hospital for a broken forearm is still waiting for a response to a complaint he made in April about the standard of care he received.

Rohim Milad Ali believes the Stevenage hospital’s failure to get back to him shows that it is not taking his complaint seriously.

He said: “Why hasn’t the Lister handled this situation with more professionalism?

“I tried to escalate my complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Service. Unfortunately they were not able to help – as the hospital has not issued a formal complaint, they can’t take any action. I’m stuck in a Catch 22 situation.”

On Friday, April 17, Rohim’s son Joshua fell down the stairs at his grandparent’s house in Stevenage. The family rushed him to the Coreys Mill Lane hospital where it was discovered that he had broken the forearm bones in his left arm.

Joshua had to have surgery and Rohim feels that his treatment wasn’t well handled. He also thinks that communication between staff, and between the staff and him as a parent, wasn’t acceptable.

He complained to the hospital on Saturday, April 25, and received conformation of this on Friday, May 1.

After waiting several weeks Rohim contacted the hospital on Monday, May 18, and was told that he would receive a response within six weeks. That time has now passed and the East and North Herts NHS Trust hospital has still not replied.

He said: “Someone called me from the hospital on Monday and said that there has been a delay because the person dealing with my complaint is on holiday which I don’t think is an acceptable excuse.”

A spokesman for the trust said: “The investigation is all but complete, with just one piece of feedback outstanding.

“Our complaints team has been in touch with Mr Ali to update him on what’s happening and whilst we recognise that he is unhappy that he has not had a response yet, the trust will not deviate from its commitment of always investigating every complaint fairly and thoroughly.”