The headteacher of a Stevenage school has thanked his staff for stopping an incident involving two mums yesterday from escalating.

Head Sean Trimble has released a statement to the Comet following the incident outside Larwood School in Webb Rise at about 3.45pm yesterday.

He said: “There was an unfortunate incident at the end of the school day, which took place as parents and taxi escorts were waiting for children.

“This incident, between two female parents, took place based on events that have occurred outside of school and not during the school day. Several staff helped to stop this incident escalating by quickly intervening and then I contacted the police.

“All those involved and who were present were supported and cared for appropriately and great care was taken to ensure that the very small number of pupils in the near vicinity were OK.

“My thanks to all the staff and adults who helped ensure that this incident was dealt with as quickly and carefully as possible, under such circumstances.

“I have, in consultation with my chair of the governing body, taken appropriate steps relating to this matter and the matter now rests with the police.”

Neither parent required hospital treatment and a police spokeswoman confirmed the incident is being investigated.

The school, which received a ‘Good’ rating from its last Ofsted inspection in January 2014, teaches children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.