Apprentices hoping to pursue careers in sport gathered together in Stevenage for a team picture before starting their new roles.

The latest crop of 20 eager students met at the Gordon Craig Theatre before they were let loose in primary and secondary schools across the town.

The course is run by Sporting Futures Training.

Director Jill Eaton said: “The apprentices will work alongside teachers and support them with lessons.

“They are learning at the same time and this gives them a fantastic opportunity to get some hands on experience.”

The course runs for a year and consists of four days at a school and one day of training at The Barclay School, where Stevenage Sporting Futures teaches classes.

After the first year there is an option to study another year and gain an advanced apprenticeship.

Jill thinks the course is a life-changer for many of its students because it leads them on to careers in teaching, coaching and studying sport.

She said: “A lot of people get a lot out of it. The Stevenage model is held up as national good practice in how we teach and support our apprentices.”

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