A Stevenage man who has spent most of his life as a carpet cleaner is hoping his Predator screenplay can make it to Hollywood.

After three years of graft, sci-fi enthusiast John Nicholson has completed his screenplay Predator and Me, his latest instalment to the franchise which he hopes will be brought to the big screen.

John, who is on disability benefits, hopes that someone will provide him with the financial clout to achieve his dreams.

He said: “I was looking at a synopsis on the DVD of the most recent Predator film about three years ago.

“There was a quote which said something like ‘what next, another planet?’A couple of days later I had a brainwave.

“The Predator films have mostly been aimed at the adult audience. Why not make a film about Predator geared towards a younger movie-goer?”

John’s creation revolves around 14-year-old Harvey and his dysfunctional group of older friends who set out to rescue Predator, after his ship crash lands in a Californian surburb.

“The screenplay took me up to three years to write – supported by my sports bag full of notes I made mostly while zipping around day after day,” he said.

“I sent a brief script to a producer in LA, who was already experienced in producing one of the Predator movies. I had some movement from there, but nothing transpired. I need a producer and financial backing to get this show on the road.”

If you think you can help John achieve his dream, give him a ring on 07757 409683.