Stevenage businessman and The Apprentice star Scott Saunders described last night’s show as ‘cringe-worthy but funny’ as the candidates attempted to put together a children’s book.

Scott survived to fight another day despite the team he was part of losing the task as their Snotty Dink creation netted £587.25 in sales, compared to £690.10 for the Bizzie Bee book led by Charleine Wain.

Losing team project manager Sam Curry eventually brought back Brett Butler-Smyth and Natalie Dean to the boardroom, with the latter getting the boot by Lord Sugar on the BBC One show.

A week earlier Scott, who went to Fearnhill School in Letchworth and previously lived in Ickleford, had his first boardroom experience as project manager – but lived to tell the tale.

Afterwards Scott received plaudits for his refusal to blame his teammates – a rare feat in the white-heat of the boardroom which has seen many candidates shift criticism onto others.

“It’s been an incredible week, things have really taken off,” he told the Comet.

“People have been coming up to me in the street and saying: ‘Well done’ for staying true to my principles.

“I’ve had a lot of respect from people which has been nice. I also got invited to the Ernst and Young Black Tie event in honour of Stephen Lawrence, which helps disadvantaged kids.”

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