A Stevenage woman has spoken out over the dangers of breast implants after hers leaked into her lymph glands.

The Comet: April DrackfordApril Drackford (Image: Archant)

Mum of three April Drackford, who struggled with body image issues when she was younger, decided to have a breast enlargement in 2009.

But her implants used industrial grade silicon – far more prone to rupture than other options – and when April realised the problems they were causing she had further surgery to have them removed.

Now she wants young woman to think twice before seeking out such treatment, and says they should love their bodies as they are.

April explained: “For years I was unhappy with how my body looked, especially my breasts.

“They were an A size cup and I was really self-conscious of them. While working and teaching fitness classes I was always embarrassed about the way I looked – so I had the enlargement done.

“Over the next few years life was great and I felt like a real woman for the first time.

“I finally had the breasts I always wanted. I was happy wearing a bikini on holiday. My confidence grew.

“The downside was they were cold to touch – but it didn’t worry me as I was purely after the aesthetic look.

“But, later, I developed a lump under my right armpit. I panicked and thought the worst.

“My husband told me to book a doctors’ appointment but I put it off as I was in denial as I loved my breasts.”

April’s PIP implants were withdrawn from the UK after the rupture problems became apparent.

In April 2012, she had them removed as they were leaking into her lymph glands.

April said: “My husband Jay has been a rock. He said: ‘I fell in love with you without breast implants.’

“Looking back I realise I was happier without implants. They didn’t make me more of a woman, they scarred me under my breasts from the removal. I now feel more confident and womanly than before.

“If you’re thinking about them please think long and hard.”