The Labour and Co-operative Party held on to 10 of the 11 seats it occupied before yesterday’s Stevenage Borough Council elections to retain its dominance of the council.

A third of the council – 13 seats – were up for election and polls were open across town throughout the day.

Votes were counted at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre after polling stations closed at 10pm last night.

The Conservative Party gained one seat from Labour in the Longmeadow ward and held their seat in Woodfield, while the Liberal Democrats held on to one seat in Manor ward.

The Conservative gain means the party reinforces its position as the second largest party on the council with seven seats, while the Liberal Democrats still have three seats. Labour’s solid performance means it holds on to 29 seats on the council.

The turnout for the borough council elections was 34.65 per cent.

A full breakdown of the votes will be posted here later this morning.