Stevenage Neighbourhood Watch is being re-launched following the appointment of a new chair.

John Bloxham from the town is now in post and is keen to carry on expanding the scheme.

NHW is based on the idea that neighbours can help make the community more secure by looking out for one another, keeping an eye on their homes while they are away and receiving and sharing crime prevention advice.

In Hertfordshire the scheme is underpinned by the award-winning Online Watch Link, an internet-based facility which gives members regular updates.

Mr Bloxham said: “Neighbourhood Watch is not just about reducing burglary figures – it’s about creating communities who care.

“It brings local people together and can make a real contribution to improving their lives. The activity of watch members can foster a new community spirit to tackle problems in partnership with the police, the local council and businesses too.”

Latest figures show that there are now nearly 5000 NHW members in Stevenage.

In areas that do not have an NHW scheme, volunteers can come forward to set one up.

Chief Inspector Tannis Perks who is backing the scheme, said: “Neighbourhood Watch is a vital tool in the fight against crime and I never underestimate the power of people working together for the greater good.

“We are very fortunate in Stevenage to have such a supportive community, where people genuinely care about their town and are prepared to work together to improve their environment.”

For information and advice about joining NHW contact John Bloxham on, visit or call 101 and ask to speak to the Stevenage watch liaison officer.