A time capsule was buried outside furniture shop Martins of Letchworth on Wednesday to mark the firm’s 80th anniversary – and the plan’s to reopen it as part of their centenary celebrations in 2036.

The Comet: The burial of the Martins of Letchworth time capsule in Leys Avenue.The burial of the Martins of Letchworth time capsule in Leys Avenue. (Image: Archant)

Items in the capsule include newspapers, photos and kids’ drawings of how they imagine things might look in 20 years.

Letchworth BID manager Tom Hardy told the Comet: “It’s great a town centre business like Martins has been here 80 years, and I hope they go on at least for another 20 to when we open the capsule up again.”

Martins boss Stephen White said: “The time capsule was a fantastic opportunity for us and the community to celebrate our birthday in such a unique way.

“Hopefully the store is still here in 20 years’ time and we can see whether any of the predictions come true.

“On behalf of all the staff at Martins of Letchworth and my family I would like to thank everyone that got involved in this project and has supported the idea from the very beginning.

“Without the help of both the Letchworth Heritage Foundation and their contractors Conamar, this project would simply not have been feasible for us so their support and generosity is truly appreciated.”