An initiative started by traders to get shoppers to support independent businesses in Biggleswade is gaining momentum.

The Comet: Dave Howatson started the scheme to support business in High Street and Market Place.Dave Howatson started the scheme to support business in High Street and Market Place. (Image: Archant)

Dave Howatson – owner of Blinds, Interiors and Gifts in High Street – started the Biggleswade Old Town Facebook page as a platform for traders and shoppers, affected by the rise of the retail park luring business away from the town centre.

“Facebook is a powerful tool in Biggleswade and we want to get as many people supporting the town’s businesses,” he said.

“It’s difficult to get your voice heard when you’re not backed by big brands like the shops in retail park.”

Other businesses behind the initiative are On The Wire menswear and George’s Hall Bar & Grill.

The group’s next step, which it describes as a ‘work in progress’, is to form a committee and turn Biggleswade Old Town into a not-for-profit organisation to focus on promoting the area and raising money for charity.

They also intend to start a trade magazine for the town and say they would even consider getting the area rebranded.

“I would put it out there to the locals and if they wanted it we would try to make it happen,” he said.

“We want the town to thrive – if people love Biggleswade we hope they will show their support.”

Juke Tyler, of Black Line Fever Tattoo studio, added: “Anything to help the high street following all the problems with the bridge would be welcome.”

Search ‘Biggleswade Old Town’ on Facebook to find out more.