A good Samaritan who stopped to help a motorist before his car went up in flames last night near a Baldock pub has said he was just ‘doing his bit’.

Andrew Beswick from Baldock had been heading home from work at about 6.30pm when he spotted small flames coming from a car which had stopped on the side of the town’s London Road, close to the George IV pub.

“I was driving home when I saw a car at the side of the road and small flames seemingly dripping from underneath,” said Andrew, who told the Comet that the timing was purely coincidental, as he had been chatting to a colleague in the car park for 20 minutes before setting off.

“People were driving past so I just thought, ‘I’ve got to stop’.”

The graphic designer and art director said he always carries an emergency travel pack ‘just in case’ and, after checking the male driver was OK, got a mini fire extinguisher out of his boot in the hope it would put out the small blaze.

“In a matter of seconds the flames had built up and engulfed the bonnet, so although the driver tried to use the fire extinguisher we quickly realised it was no good.

“It went from a small fire to a 6ft inferno in about seven seconds. I asked him if he’d called the fire service but he was clearly dazed and confused by what had happened so I called 999.

“We both got a safe distance away from the car and, along with a couple of others who had stopped to block the road, were directing traffic away from the area.

“The fire service was on the scene really quickly and doused the flames.”

Firefighters – who received the call shortly after 6.40pm – used one hose reel to extinguish the blaze, and it was declared out by 7.07pm. The cause is being treated as accidental.

Andrew added: “Fortunately he was safely out of the car, but imagine if there had been children involved – the fire extinguisher could have made the difference in getting them out in time. I just think it’s important that we all do our bit to help each other.

“He was very thankful and kept shaking my hand, although I did feel bad having to leave him before his family had arrived to drive him to his home in Luton. It would be good to know he got home safe.”

• If you were the driver and would like to get in contact with Andrew then email nick.gill@thecomet.net.