Sixth-formers at Knights Templar School in Baldock learned about the Middle East political climate on Friday, when they were visited by the head of an academic study group on the region.

John Levy – executive director of the Academic Study Group on Israel and the Middle East, and director of the Friends of Israel Educational Foundation – told government and politics students about the educational bodies and charities he is a part of, and discussed the region’s role in UK business and diplomacy.

Asked whether the political situation in the Middle East would ever be resolved, Mr Levy replied: “It is fabulous, but it is also one of the most complex places on earth. It offers so much, but no-one has a clear sense of what is going to happen next.”

Mr Levy, who joined the Zionist Federation in 1970 and has initiated numerous academic link-ups between Britain and Israel, among other things discussed the UK’s supply of fuel – a third of which he said comes from the Gulf state of Qatar.

And while having lunch with some of the A-level students, he also gave his view on US President Donald Trump.

“It is a very worrying time in America,” said Mr Levy.

“I question whether he will be able to join the various groups in America together. If he does do that, he will be considered in my view to be a success. All I can say is, we will have to see what will happen during his administration.”

Mr Levy’s talk was well-received by the students, with Monica Yianni of Year 13 among those who enjoyed it.

She said: “The talk was very interesting and John clearly was very knowledgable on the issues.

“It was really good that he could talk to us about both sides of the argument and also answer our questions.“

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