Sandy’s Kings Road Surgery is to move into the town centre within months after its request for reserved bays in the town council car park received final approval.

A Sandy Town Council full council meeting last week approved the provision of an ambulance bay, four disabled bays and two reserved spaces for doctors, with the £1,050 costs split equally between the surgery and council.

A representative of the surgery discussed its planned move to Shannon Court at the meeting, and thanked the town council for its support.

The decision follows the recommendations of the council’s policy, finance and resources committee last month.

The new ambulance bay, four disabled bays and two reserved doctors’ spaces will be created out of the existing row of three disabled bays and six standard bays.

The council is set to have the work done at the same time as the repainting of directional arrows and markings across the rest of the 147 bay car park. It hopes to do this before the surgery moves in the summer.

The surgery partners say the relocation will be of great benefit to the town, and that the slight car park layout revision will make things easier for the disabled, as well as catering for emergency vehicles.

The plan had been opposed by Gordon Goodwin, owner of Ivel Funeral Service – one of the businesses in the promenade within the car park – who argued that public funds should not be spent on such work as the surgery was a private concern, especially with the car park already so busy.

He told the Comet: “The parking arrangement, I still maintain, is going to cause trouble for the town centre of Sandy – but there’s nothing that I can do about it.

“They’re quite entitled to move in there, but what really sticks in my throat is that the council’s going to pay 50 per cent of the costs. We’re not talking about much money here.

“Anyway, all we can do now is sit back and wait for the chaos.”

Kings Road Surgery plans to relocate by the end of June.