A determined family man from Stevenage who has transformed his life by shedding 10 stone will walk 27 miles along the Thames path this weekend for a cancer charity.

The Comet: Trevor when he weighed almost 25 stoneTrevor when he weighed almost 25 stone (Image: Archant)

Trevor Broom, 53, weighed 25 stone two years ago and was struggling with everyday life and with his work as a joiner.

Concern for his health drove him to follow his wife Karen’s example and join Slimming World.

Two years later and a healthy, fit Trevor weighs just 14 stone, runs with Stevenage’s Fairlands Valley Spartans and has completed numerous runs and long walks.

Trevor, who has three step children and five grandchildren, told the Comet: “My age really started me thinking. I was waiting for the inevitable to happen.

The Comet: Trevor Broom, right, before he lost weight.Trevor Broom, right, before he lost weight. (Image: Archant)

“I was 25 stone and I had been carrying that around all those years.

“My legs were hurting all the time and I never felt like getting up and doing things and I was walking around really slowly. At work I was really slow in the workshop.

“My wife had been going to Slimming World for a couple of years so I decided to join her.

“I cut out all the rubbish fatty foods and started going on longer and longer walks.

“The more weight I lost, the faster I could walk – and then one day one I was out walking and I felt I could start to run.

“I started jogging – not very fast at first – but then I was able to start going further.

“I used to go along to Spartans when my wife was running and one day when I was at the Ridlins track I just started joining in.

“I got so much support from Spartans it was incredible. At first I was just walking round the track and then I started running.”

Trevor gradually built up his distances and last Thursday took part in his first 10K race in Welwyn Garden City.

“It felt fantastic,” he said. “There was so much support. I was last to finish but people came right the way back to encourage me and there was a big cheer at the finish line.

“The support I’ve had from friends and family and people at Slimming World has been incredible.”

On Monday he ran for the first time at Spartans with his wife as she was returning from injury, which he says was an “amazing” experience.

And this weekend he will join a 27-mile walk along the Thames path called the Thames Mighty Hike for Macmillan Cancer Support.

He said: “At Christmas time I was really struggling with a hernia and I got rushed into hospital with it.

“One day when I was recovering at home I decided I needed to get fitter and my brush with ill health made me want to support cancer research.

“I’m looking forward to it, it’s been a long while coming.”

Trevor says the only way to lose weight properly is by joining a slimming club.

He said: “It’s definitely a mindset you’ve got to change.

“You need to lose weight first and you’ve got to do it right with the right support.

“Once you start losing weight you want to lose more. You don’t have to lose out on anything. You can still eat nice food.

“My wife and family can’t believe the difference.”

To sponsor Trevor in the Mighty Hike, visit justgiving.com and search for Trevor Broom.