A mother from Stevenage has spoken of her family’s feelings of violation after burglars broke into her house and stole sentimental items including watches belonging to her late father.

The Comet:

The woman who does not wish to be named, but lives with her son and partner in the Great Ashby area of Stevenage, said she arrived home on January 2 after staying at her mother’s house over the new year weekend, to find her home had been searched from top to bottom by burglars who broke in by forcing a small window at the back of her house.

They stole items including Rotary and Bamboo watches – which belonged to her father who passed away in May last year – costume jewellery, Pandora bangles and a Percy Pig money box – worth around £3,500 in total – before letting themselves out through the front door.

She said: “I arrived home to find that my house had been broken into, my first reaction was utter shock, I didn’t scream, I didn’t cry, I was almost frozen. I have never felt anything like it before and hope I never will again.

“They searched the whole of our house looking for money and jewellery and took what they found. As in most of these cases the items were valuable to us they were gifts and held special memories for our family.

The Comet:

“The violation of our home is what I am really struggling with, I dread opening the door in the evening.

“To those that took our items - I hope one day you will look back on what you have done and feel some sort of remorse. I don’t care what life has thrown at you, nothing makes what you have done OK in anyone’s eyes.

“To your families, if you know or suspect your son or daughter are harbouring stolen goods, please do the right thing and contact the Police.”

Herts police are investigating the burglary. If you are offered Rotary or Bamboo watches, costume jewellery, Pandora bangles or a Percy Pig money box you should contact police by calling 101 and quoting crime reference E11748.