A Stevenage-based charity are looking spreading cheer to those less fortunate this easter by donating 1,000 chocolate eggs.

The Herts Angels Charity originally set its fundraising target at £150, but have since raised it to £500 after a huge response – with the aim now to donate 1,000 eggs to children’s hospitals, orphanages, homeless shelters and more across the area.

Charity founder Max Taylor said: “I made an online donation page, and within five hours the target was hit.

“I then decided to move the target up to £200, and this was hit within another hour.

“I then raised the target to £300 and this was also hit the same day.

“What started off as a list of three places getting a visit from the Easter bunny with a total of 300 eggs has now become a list with a minimum of 15 locations with 1,000 Easter eggs!

“We are planning on visiting children’s hospitals, children’s hospital wards, orphanages, children’s safe house locations, mental health facilities, retirement homes for those in need, homeless shelters, rough sleepers, emergency response facilities and a lot, lot more.

“With everyone’s help, we are going to raise at least 1,000 smiles on Easter morning that would have otherwise been non-existent.”

Max started the charity three years ago and has been running Little Smiles events every Christmas and Easter, including dressing up as Disney characters to hand out eggs in 2017.

Stevenage Minibus Hire, and supermarkets Tesco, Waitrose and Asda have all sponsored the Easter egg handout, although more supporters are still needed.

Max – who is also hosting a concert to raise money – is keen for more people to donate and said that, even when £500 is reached, the target will be upped again.

“The more people raise, the more smiles they raise. It is that simple,” he said.

“Once the £500 target is hit, we will not stop.

“The more we raise, the more volunteers we get in, the more people we visit. There is no limit.

“Every 50p will raise an egg and a smile that will be delivered to someone in need.

“How many smiles do you wish to raise?”

To donate on Facebook visit facebook.com/donate/229797331258401/. To donate to the crowdfunding page visit justgiving.com/crowdfunding/eastersurprise.