An electrical cable jointer who survived being blown up in the face is now celebrating working in the industry for 40 years.

Paul Marlow, from Stevenage, was just 16 when he joined Eastern Electricity as a draughtsman, doing various roles before retraining as a jointer, a role he has now carried out for 20 years.

He remembered: "When an electricity cable shot out fire in Letchworth in the 1990s I got blown up and was off for a year.

"I was blown through my face and they thought I might lose my top lip and the top of my nose, but luckily enough I was OK and I've recovered well.

"The guys you work with keep you going.

"The workforce stays together and performs as a team."

UK Power Networks - which has employed Paul since a merger and subsequent acquisition - has more than 400 employees with more than 40 years' service and holds an annual event for these people.