Police in Stevenage are tackling anti-social cycling in the town centre, following a rise in reports of dangerous cycling in pedestrian areas.

Officers from the Stevenage Safer Neighbourhood Team joined forces with Stevenage Borough Council's town centre warden on Saturday - from 9am to 3pm - stopping anyone riding a bike illegally, and taking details of offenders.

Cyclists who had previously been warned about their behaviour were officially reported for the offence - or a warning letter was sent to parents if they were under 17.

Neighbourhood Inspector Simon Tabert said: "Stevenage is a very cycle-friendly town and a vast number of residents use the cycle ways to get around in an environmentally-friendly way. However, a small percentage of cyclists insist on riding through the pedestrian areas of the town centre where cycling is banned.

"This understandably results in a large number of complaints to us. Cycling in pedestrian only areas is extremely dangerous and we are committed to tackling the issue. We will continue to monitor the town centre in this way."