A Stevenage GP is facing a tribunal for misconduct over allegations he self-prescribed medication, administered vaccines to himself and requested his own test results.

Doctor Michael Duggan is the lead GP at Manor House Surgery in Stevenage and is purported to have inappropriately accessed his own medical record on more than one occasion between July 1, 2016, and March 20, 2018.

It is also claimed that Dr Duggan requested that other staff at the surgery inappropriately access his records for the purpose of recording self-prescriptions, test results and vaccinations.

In addition, it is claimed that in a letter to NHS England, dated July 9, 2018, Dr Duggan stated that he had accessed his medical record 'with the express consent of [his] GP at the relevant times'. It is alleged that, on or around July 28, 2018, Dr Duggan asked his own GP to sign a letter to NHS England confirming that he was aware that Dr Duggan had accessed his own medical record and issued self-prescriptions. It is alleged that Dr Duggan's conduct in this regard was a dishonest attempt to conceal his actions.

A misconduct hearing is set to be held by the Medical Practitioners' Tribunal Service in Manchester from February 10 and is expected to take up to 12 days.

The tribunal will also inquire into the allegation that, on April 25, 2018, Dr Duggan completed and/or signed a confirmatory medical certificate relating to the cremation of a deceased person without first questioning the medical practitioner who completed the preceding medical certificate, as required.

The medical practitioner who completed the medical certificate will have examined the body and recorded the cause of death, and the confirmatory medical certificate Dr Duggan completed and/or signed expressly asks 'do you agree with the cause of death given in the medical certificate?'

It is alleged that Dr Duggan's conduct was dishonest because he completed the form without bothering to take the compulsory step of questioning the medical practioner.

Dr Duggan has been a GP since 1984, having studied at the University of Cambridge. He is the safeguarding lead and named accountable GP at Manor House Surgery at Emperors Gate in Stevenage's Chells Manor, which is a teaching practice for student nurses, medical students and trainee GPs.