A detective from Stevenage has been awarded a judge’s commendation for his work investigating a series of stabbings by a teenager.

The boy from Stevenage, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has now been detained under the Mental Health Act, following a hearing at St Albans Crown Court yesterday.

Between 2018 and 2019, while aged between 13 and 15, the boy stabbed three people in three separate incidents. One in Letchworth and two in Stevenage. All of the victims needed hospital treatment, but luckily none of the injuries were life threatening.

The boy was eventually remanded by the court into secure accommodation before being transferred to a secure hospital unit where he now remains.

He appeared at court via video link where Judge Michael Simon made a hospital order under the Mental Health Act, including a restriction order, meaning the boy cannot be discharged from hospital without the consent of the Ministry of Justice.

Judge Simon awarded Detective Constable Graeme Anness, who brought the case to court, a commendation for his professionalism and dedication for his work in ensuring the safety of the public.

He also commended the victims and witnesses for their bravery in coming forward to assist the investigation.

Commenting on the case DC Graeme Anness said "This is an excellent result. This was a serious of complex cases and I am pleased that the boy is no longer a danger to the community and is now getting the professional help that he desperately needs.

"I hope this also sends a clear message to young people who think it is cool or clever to carry knives that the consequences of such action can be very serious and regardless of your age you will be dealt with by the courts."

Detective Inspector Graeme Walsingham added: "Knife crime is taken extremely seriously by the force and all stabbings are investigated thoroughly. Our work into knife crime in Stevenage is ongoing and we are committed to tackling this issue. Many young people were caught up in these cases and I hope they are now reflecting on the actions and subsequent consequences of this type of activity.

"We continue to work with young people in Stevenage through the schools, to educate them about the dangers of carrying knifes and getting involved with those that do."