A distraction thief has stolen money from at least four people in Stevenage, after targeting them at various ATMs in the town.

The man has been targeting elderly people at cashpoints, telling them that there is a problem with the machine.

He then distracts them and takes their card while they are not looking, and gives them another bank card from several that he has in his wallet.

After this, he tries to help them with their pin number - knowing it won't work.

Once he knows their PIN number, he withdraws as much money as he can from their account. He managed to obtain money from at least four people in one day at various ATM machines in Stevenage using this technique.

Stevenage Neighbourhood Watch advises: "If anyone approaches you at an ATM machine, do not allow them to 'help you' to withdraw your money and ask them to move back away from you.

"If you feel uncomfortable and/or they are persistant, walk away and if you are able to, go to a bank and withdraw your money from the ATM inside or, better still, go inside to the counter. If you have no option but to use an ATM outside, please ensure that no one is looking over your shoulder and shield your hand when entering your PIN number."