A Stevenage start-up has created the only toothbrush made from biodegradeable plastic to tackle the issue of single-use plastic polluting our oceans.

The Comet: Reswirl toothbrushes, founded in Stevenage, encourages customers to return their toothbrushes so they can be recycled. Picture: ReswirlReswirl toothbrushes, founded in Stevenage, encourages customers to return their toothbrushes so they can be recycled. Picture: Reswirl (Image: Archant)

Reswirl Toothbrushes has created a new option for the eco-conscious, 'the infinite toothbrush' due to its sustainable credentials, which is set to launch in the UK in the coming months.

Simon Porter, head of operations at Reswirl, said: "If you're looking to make better choices when it comes to sustainability in the home, then this is the perfect time to start."

3.5billion toothbrushes are sold worldwide each year, most of which are made from fossil-fuel based plastic.

In the Cocos Keeling Islands, where the population is only 600, marine scientists recently found 373,000 toothbrushes washed up on its shores.

Simon says; "Single-use plastics have become a global epidemic, with 8 million tonnes of plastic thrown away in landfill each year. It's time for brands to start taking responsibility and do something to drive change.

"At Reswirl we wanted to develop a product that makes a difference to the world in which we live. It's our driving force to educate people to make small changes that will have a massive impact, not only on our lives, but for future generations and the planet."

Aside from creating a toothbrush from biodegradable plastic, the team at Reswirl also wants every toothbrush to be sent back so that they can be remoulded into new brushes.

The Reswirl toothbrush is made entirely from bio-based plastic - even the bristles. A new toothbrush is sent every three months in a box made entirely from recycled and recyclable cardboard. After using the Reswirl toothbrush, you send the brush back in the pre-paid box that the next one arrives in. The bristles will be removed from the returned brushes for separate recycling. The handles are then ground down for moulding into new ones, and the cycle starts again.

Simon continued: "The Reswirl toothbrush looks, feels and functions like a regular plastic toothbrush, but is much kinder to the environment should it be thrown away by accident, as it will compost at room temperature. However, we'd much rather receive your old toothbrushes so that they can be made into new one."

For more information, go to www.reswirl.eco.