A musician based in Stevenage, who sold everything after surviving a number of serious health conditions to finance his first album, is appealing to the public for a final fundraising push.

For David Naylor, life was flipped upside down after he suffered a severe brain injury in May 2017, which led to him almost dying in a three-week coma.

After regaining consciousness, he had no recollection of life before, until he started recalling pieces of songs that he had written previously.

Now, after selling everything down to his last pair of shoes, David's aiming to release a debut album featuring songs he has been remembering this summer.

He said: "Reaching this goal will mean we can finish the album, and I know I will have done something worthwhile with my life after being given a second chance.

"The support has been incredible and it's become about more than just the songs. It's a story of healing and hope."

In total, David aims to raise more than £6,000 to release One Last Poem - which he hopes will prove an inspiration to others who are recovering from adversity.

You can support David's debut album at indiegogo.com/projects/one-last-poem-debut-album-by-david-naylor/