A number of Stevenage–based organisations have been going above and beyond to keep our community ticking during the coronavirus–induced lockdown.

The Stevenage Community Trust, Stevenage FC, Stevenage Borough Council and Stevenage Citizens Advice are but a few of the local groups doing all that they can for residents during these unprecedented times.

The Trust, a grant-giving charity which helps causes in the town and surrounding villages, has raised more than £23,000 to help reach those most in need during the coronavirus crisis.

Caroline Haskins described the public’s response to the fundraiser as “unprecedented” and said the trust has been able to allocate 28 grants – totalling more than £6,000 for those affected by COVID–19.

Thanks to the public’s genorosity, the Trust has so far: Helped feed a low–income family of five, with a mum undergoing cancer treatment, helped provide homeless people with basic phones so they can contact their support workers and provided grants to local organisations helping the Stevenage community.

The charity is still aiming to hit its £30,000 fundraising goal and is appealing for your donations on virginmoneygiving.com/fund/stevenage-helps.

Stevenage FC have also been playing their part during the coronavirus lockdown.

The club’s Community Kitchen Sandwich Service has been delivering food to over 70s, Lister Hospital staff and at risk members of the public every day.

They have sent more than 1,500 sandwiches to staff at the Lister Hospital, answered hundreds of phone calls from the Stevenage community and dropped off 50 prescriptions to self isolating residents every week.

The team has also raised more than £8,000 since the start of April to keep the service going for as long as possible. To find out more or register your place, call 01438 222222.

Stevenage Citizens Advice Bureau has also been busy since lockdown was imposed.

From March, 23, the charity has helped more than 350 residents via volunteers working from home and provided advice for 1,500 issues during the same period.

Stevenage Borough Council has also been helping those in need, handling 3,000 customer service calls a week – of which 600 have been on benefits, housing and council tax.

Grants totalling £1.8 million and £20m worth of business rates relief have also been applied in the Stevenage area.