New figures have revealed that the amounts of waste being collected from homes across Stevenage has risen significantly during the lockdown.

More time being spent at home, and perhaps some spring cleaning, appears to have had a real impact on the amount that Stevenage residents are throwing away.

On Wednesday, Cllr John Gardner, Stevenage Borough Council’s executive member for environment and regeneration highlighted the sharp rises in waste collection across our town.

He drew attention to the fact rubbish collected from black bins increased by 23 per cent in April, while recycling collections also rose by 39 per cent.

Following the meeting Cllr Gardner said additional meals at home and online shopping deliveries had increased the amount of packaging that people had thrown away.

He said residents had taken advantage of their enforced time at home during lockdown to have a spring clean, increasing the amount they threw away further.

He added that the increases show the service has not only been maintained through lockdown, but that it has been “better”, by dealing with additional waste.

Cllr Gardner also discussed the fact bin workers were being increasingly recognised by Stevenage’s residents.

He said: “The attitude to these workers has significantly increased during this period and that’s very encouraging.”