A health and wellbeing service, run by North Herts District Council, has teamed up with Letchworth’s Morrisons to tackle period poverty in our area.

The Comet: The donations made to help tackle period poverty in North Herts. Picture: NHDCThe donations made to help tackle period poverty in North Herts. Picture: NHDC (Image: Archant)

North Herts Healthy Hub reached out to organisations in the district and received a kind donation from Morrisons in Letchworth. Alongside the Healthy Hub’s own generous donation, they have been able to supply seven local charities and support groups with sanitary products to support the women they work with.

Period poverty is a serious UK-wide issue, with one in 10 women unable to afford essential sanitary products.

With more and more people facing significant financial pressures as a result of the pandemic, cases of women and girls being unable to provide for themselves have risen sharply.

Cllr Judi Billing, NHDC’s executive member for community engagement, said: “Girls and women are facing widespread shortages on period products, with the result that many are being forced to make do with whatever they can find to manage their period.

“Not having access to a safe and hygienic way to deal with menstruation can have profound consequences; particularly on a girl’s education, in terms of missing school, feeling less able to pay attention in class, and ultimately affecting a child’s potential to succeed.

“I am glad that with the support of Morrisons we are able offer help at this critical time.”

The Healthy Hub in North Herts receives funding from Hertfordshire County Council and is run by North Herts District Council.

The hub is looking to work with more local organisations. If you would like to find out more information on how to provide or access donations, contact the Healthy Hub on Healthyhub@north-herts.gov.uk, 01462 474111.