A man from Stevenage has been sentenced to 10 months behind bars after he assaulted two police officers earlier this year.

Terry Adams, 46, of no fixed abode in Stevenage, was sentenced to 47 weeks in prison at Hatfield Magistrates’ Court earlier this week after he assaulted police officers, firstly in June and later in October.

On Monday, June 15, Adams was found by police to have been drunk and disorderly in the Westgate multi-storey car park in Stevenage. He was later stopped by a police constable, who was then assaulted by Adams.

Later this year, on Friday, October 2, Adams struck again when he assaulted a different police officer, this time in Hitchin.

His sentence was upgraded by an additional 16 weeks after it was found he had also hurled racially aggravated abuse at a female victim on October 2.

Adams indicated a guilty plea to all of the charges.