The Little Deli in Hitchin explains how you can put together the perfect hamper as a gift for a loved one this Christmas

In a year filled with uncertainty, there’s one thing that is for sure – Christmas is coming and it’s time to treat your loved ones. We’ve been packing hampers at The Little Deli since the day we began, and in the spirit of good cheer, we thought this year we would share some of our inside tips for creating the perfect gift.

1. Pick your hamper

There’s so much fun to be had with the packaging for your hamper. From wicker baskets and trays to wooden crates and cardboard hamper boxes, there’s lots to choose from, in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whatever the weather, you need to choose a box that will house a good range of delicious goodies. For the inside, shredding and tissue paper are available in a variety of colours, we like to use more neutral tones to show off the products, and of course, we finish every hamper with a big bow!

2. What’s going inside?

A hamper is the ultimate personalised gift. Whether your gift is going to a cheese lover, or someone with an insatiable sweet tooth, you should select products that your recipient will love and maybe even something that they have never tried before! We like to choose a range of different shapes, sizes and colours for a hamper that you simply can’t wait to get into.

3. Pack it up

That’s that, you’ve picked your goodies, you’ve got your box – it’s time to get it packed. If you’re using a tray or a crate, you should try to pack your items in a triangle, tallest or longest products in the middle, to smallest towards the edges. If you’ve opted for a wicker hamper or box, we like to create layers of products, so the further you dig, the more you find.

If using this method, just remember to pop the heaviest items at the bottom and the more fragile on top with plenty of tissue or shredding to pad it out. By following these simple steps, we are confident you’ll be gifting the perfect hampers year in, year out. It doesn’t end there, we’re so serious about gifting the perfect hamper, that this year we have launched our own bespoke Hamper Builder tool on our website. It really couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is pick your bits and we will pack it for you.

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