A collective of Hitchin charities have shared their experience of the last year, thanking the town's generous community for its support.

Hitchin Food Provision - made up of the town's Volunteer Army, Youth Trust, Hitchin Partnership, Rotary Club of Hitchin Tilehouse, Round Table Hitchin and Zeo Church - contemplated a year of COVID-19 challenges as part of a national day of reflection on Tuesday, March 23.

This time last year, the team were finalising plans to get food parcels out to those most in need. But, with a pandemic pushing those plans to the side, they were forced to adapt and began sending out supermarket vouchers instead.

Overall, the team sent out more than 780 supermarket vouchers, directly helping to keep 274 families fed throughout a challenging year.

Unsurprisingly the feedback they receive is wholeheartedly positive. One parent offered a heartfelt thank you, explaining how Hitchin Food Provision supported them throughout the pandemic.

Between March 2020 and March 2021, Hitchin Food Provision received almost £90,000 - a lifeline to many families in need.

Lorna Hemmings, of Hitchin Volunteer Army, said: "We have all lived through a period that has brought unimaginable loss for many, stress and anxiety for most and life changing for some.

"Our family life, our finances, our mental health, have taken a huge bashing over the last year, it will take some time to recover and recharge.

"But through all the loss and sacrifice, as a community we have come together. Your compassion and generosity has shone through and shown we are not alone in our hour of need.

"Thank you Hitchin, you have done yourself proud.

"Also thanks to all our funders and our working partners Hitchin Foodbank and Feed Up Warm Up, supported by Caritas Westminster."