What were you up to at the weekend? Chilling on the sofa? Meeting some mates for a drink?

Stevenage Injury Clinic's Kieran Feetham completed a total of nine triathlons on Saturday and Sunday - five on the first day and four the day after - completing his last with just 10 seconds to spare.

He took on the mentally and physically challenging feat in aid of East and North Hertfordshire Hospitals’ Charity, to fund a men's mental health champion for their hospitals, including Stevenage's Lister.

Speaking to the Comet about his monumental challenge, Kieran said: "It's all part of the fun really, the challenge. One triathlon is good for everyone, but, you've got to do as many as you can, right?"

Each triathlon Kieran undertook - circulating the beautiful grounds of Blenheim Palace - consisted of a 750m swim, 20k cycle and a 5k run, with extra distances connecting the disciplines.

A triathlete of 12 years, Kieran explained: "It was just head down and getting on with it, really. I knew I just had to do one, and it's the next one, and next one... you're just ticking them off.

Made easier by the support of friends, family - and modern pentathlon Olympic silver medallist Heather Fell for a few rounds - Kieran said the support and drive, and experience as a whole, was "amazing!"

"You've got to be fit to do it, but, at the same time, I knew in my head what I wanted and had to do.

"The eighth one was definitely the hardest one, because I only had an hour and 45 minutes to get around and do it all, to then get back to the start, to make sure I had enough time left to squeeze in my last one.

"As soon as I got around it was fine, because all you've got to do is finish," he added, explaining how a lot of his challenge was mind over matter.

When onlookers and other competitors - of which there were 200 - cottoned on that Kieran was taking on this feat in the name of charity, he felt an uproar of support on the course, and on his online fundraising page thereafter.

Absolutely "delighted" to have raised his target of £1,000, further donations can be pledged by visiting Kieran's JustGiving page.