A domestic abuser who tried to strangle his victim in front of her two children has been jailed.

Jasper Thompson, a 28-year-old from Letchworth, threatened to cut his victim's face with a knife and kill her on Wednesday, December 29 last year.

Thompson, of no fixed address, was already serving a suspended prison sentence when he carried out the attack - for seven counts of assaulting an emergency worker, and possession of a sharp pointed article or blade in a public place on May 29 and May 31, 2021.

He admitted to the December 29 attack at St Albans Crown Court, where he pleaded guilty to actual bodily harm.

At a hearing in St Albans on Wednesday, March 23, Thompson was handed a jail sentence lasting two years and six months.

A Hertfordshire Constabulary spokesperson said that the victim feared for her life.

Cema Miah, from the police's Domestic Abuse and Safeguarding Investigation Unit, said: "The abuse went on for hours that night and culminated with Thomson putting his hands around her neck and squeezing until his partner was unable to breathe.

"He behaved like a monster and only stopped when her children came downstairs having witnessed the assault."

Cema added: "Despite initially supporting a police investigation, the victim understandably felt that she wasn’t able to – but despite this, we presented overwhelming evidence to the court about Thomson’s volatile and frightening behaviour."

Thompson's 31-month sentence comprises 19 months in prison for actual bodily harm, related to the attack on December 29.

He was sentenced to an additional 12 months in prison for his previous offences on May 2021.

A five-year restraining order has been applied to safeguard the victim.

Hertfordshire Constabulary officers are urging anybody experiencing domestic abuse to come forward.

Detective Inspector Claire Richardson-Wabe said: "We have a team of specially trained officers to help safeguard anyone experiencing domestic abuse whether it is physical – like in this case – or emotional, financial or psychological.

"We work closely with partner agencies to put measures in place so that victims do not need to put up with this unpredictable and totally unacceptable behaviour.

"We will also pursue offenders – with or without victim support."

DI Richardson-Wabe added that anybody with concerns about someone they live with can access support independently of the police by calling the Independent Domestic Abuse Advisor services on 0300 790 6772.

In an emergency, victims can call 999.

Victims who are afraid or unable to speak can call 999 from a mobile phone and press 5, 5.