A “disgusted” mum has been plagued for almost three years by a “revolting” pigeon infestation at her family home in Stevenage.

Wendi Faulkner is at her wits end after the flock have wreaked constant havoc on them at their Clarion home in Wornham Avenue.

Up to 40 pigeons can be seen at a time on their roof, leaving Ms Faulkner’s home and driveway a mess by covering it in faeces.

The Comet: Living with the pigeon infestation has been a nightmare for Wendi and her family.Living with the pigeon infestation has been a nightmare for Wendi and her family. (Image: Archant)

The flock has caused damage to the roof, with tiles falling off; one even breaking the windscreen of her daughter's first car.

The pigeons took over when the 40-year-old's neighbour died last summer.

Windows at the neighbouring property were left open, allowing the birds to infest not only the roof, but the house itself.

The pigeons broke into panelling in the roof where they began to nest

Wendi sent a series of complaints to Clarion Housing Association to address the issue which has affected her entire family's wellbeing and mental health.

The Comet: Both Wendi and her neighbours have complained to Clarion about the ongoing mess for almost three years.Both Wendi and her neighbours have complained to Clarion about the ongoing mess for almost three years. (Image: Archant)

Wendi, who has been living in her house for the last 12 years, said: “It has been going on for nearly three years now.

“Ideally, I’d like them to come with pest control and remove all the pigeons and fix the roofing.

“We need our drive cleaned; we clean it often but it doesn’t matter how often it's still a mess.

“Our window cleaners won’t clean them anymore cause of the pigeon faeces as it is dangerous for them and they don’t want to be attacked by the pigeons.”

For Wendi, as a mum, her priority is her family's health which she worries has a detrimental effect on them due to the permanent faeces surrounding their living space.

The Comet: The mess piles along Wend's windows.The mess piles along Wend's windows. (Image: Archant)

She added: “I am disgusted by what my family and I have had to live in for the past two years and dread to think the effect it has had on our health.

“My daughter Jaydee has medical conditions that is also affected by the pigeons. My brother who lives with me is also due to have a baby in the summer.

Clarion had previously told Wendi there was “nothing they could do”.

“There hasn’t been any urgency from Clarion. They have only just put an eviction notice in next door but he passed away last summer,” added Wendi.

The Comet: Pigeons infested her neighbours home in Stevenage.Pigeons infested her neighbours home in Stevenage. (Image: Archant.)

“I have exhausted all avenues. We've just had lots of excuses It is revolting, even our neighbours across the street have had to complain.

“I have put in numerous complaints which seem to not be being logged or taken seriously as every time I call, they state that there has been no complaint.

“I am also disgusted in the lack of responsibility Clarion have taken in this matter and amount of time they have forced me to live in these conditions.”

Not only embarrassed by the mess, Wendi and her family struggle to sleep due to the infestation of pigeons ‘coo-ing’ through the summer months.

The Comet: The pigeons have terrorised Wendy's family.The pigeons have terrorised Wendy's family. (Image: Archant)

Shockingly, Wendi even discovered dead baby pigeons and egg shells on her driveway which have fallen from the roof.

A spokesperson for Clarion said: “We are sorry about the length of time it is taking to resolve this issue and have already offered Ms Faulkner compensation in recognition of the inconvenience.

"In this case we need to deal with the infestation in Ms Faulkner’s neighbouring property first, before undertaking the full clean of her driveway, window ledges and roof, so that the situation is resolved permanently.

"It is taking longer than we would hope to do this because we can only gain access to the neighbouring property after the tenancy has been officially terminated.

"We expect this to happen this month.”

Wendi, who works as a full-time carer, confirmed that Clarion have since offered her £250 in compensation.

The Comet: Despite spending hours cleaning, the faeces and mess from the birds overtakes the family's house.Despite spending hours cleaning, the faeces and mess from the birds overtakes the family's house. (Image: Archant)

The Comet: Pigeons nested through the roof panels.Pigeons nested through the roof panels. (Image: Archant)

She said: “I have received an email from explaining that they have issued the eviction notice and that I need to wait until beginning of May for any work to now begin.

“They have offered me a £250 goodwill gesture.

“The money will come in handy replacing items that have been ruined and all the money spent cleaning my car.

“It’s not about the money, it’s about the fact I just don’t have faith that they will fix this problem with urgency so I feel like I’m going to be going through the summer with this same situation.

“They are saying now that there is no record of all the times myself and my neighbour have complained.”