A busy Hertfordshire main road will be completely closed across two weekends this month.

The A602 Tonwell Bypass, between Whempstead Road and the Anchor Lane roundabout, will be shut from Saturday, May 14 at 6.30am, and will reopen on Monday, May 16 at 5am.

Roadworks will force the road to shut again from Friday, May 20 at 9pm, until Monday, May 23 at 5am, blocking part of the route between Stevenage and the A10 at Ware.

Hertfordshire County Council is carrying out works to ease congestion on the A602 in the Watton-at-Stone area - a project which began in 2020.

A Hertfordshire County Council statement reads: "The A602 is a very busy road, but there are problems in places.

"Vehicles turning right are blocking traffic behind, causing delays.

"Tight bends and poor visibility make the road less safe than it could be. There are often long queues at junctions.

"We want to improve the major junctions, reduce delays and make the route safer."

Alongside the two weekend closures, there is a full week of overnight closures planned between Monday, May 16 and Friday, May 20.

The route will shut between Whempstead Road and the Anchor Lane roundabout in both directions from 9pm until 5am.

Temporary traffic signals are planned in several sites on the A602 throughout May.