Customers at a Stevenage supermarket may have been charged twice for their shopping.

Asda shoppers may see payments appear on their bank statements twice after a technical error earlier this week (between Monday, May 23 and Tuesday, May 24).

A spokesperson for the retail giant said: "A technical error meant that a number of customers at our Stevenage store had payments taken twice, as soon as we spotted the error all refunds were processed and customers should have received any funds taken in error back into their accounts.

"We apologise for the payment issue and if any customer believes they have not received a refund they are due they should contact Asda Customer Services."

They said the technical error is only thought to have impacted a "handful of customers" in Stevenage.

It is not thought to be a nationwide issue.

Asda's customer service line is 0800 952 0101, with more details online: