POLICE have reopened a cold case investigation into the death of a mystery woman killed while trying to hitchhike on the A1 in 1975.

Officers from Herts Constabulary cold case unit are investigating the death of an unknown woman believed to have been in her early to mid 20s, who was found in the slow lane of the motorway in the early hours of February 18. She had been in collision with a vehicle.

Her body was found just south of the access road to the A507 at Radwell. She had no shoes on, had no handbag and was wearing a long Afghan coat and French supermarket brand jeans.

The woman had earlier spoken to two men at a lay-by north of the Baldock/Stotfold turn-off. The first was a lorry driver, and the second a milkman. She told the milkman her name was Ann. She had a foreign accent.

The vehicle that struck her was never traced and she has never been identified.

She is described as 5 ft 4 in tall with a very slim, boyish figure and weighed around eight and a half stone.

The post-mortem revealed she had an NHS filling in her teeth, two moles on her upper left thigh and pelvic area and a scar on the right leg just below the knee.

Det Chief Insp Sean O’Neil said: “We know this lady must have spent a reasonable amount of time in the UK because of the NHS filling. She was such a young woman – someone must recognise the description.

“I’m sure her family, wherever they may be, must be constantly wondering and worrying about what might have happened to her. We are asking the public, if you can help in any way, no matter how irrelevant or small you might think the information is, to please get in touch.”

If you can help, call officers on 0845 3300222.