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HIS face ravaged by the native Americans who raised him, a bitter veteran of the bloody Civil War now resorting to hunting down his fellow man in search of bounty, the notorious gunslinger Jonah Hex is one of the most complicated of Western comics characters, and thus lends himself well to a wide range of tales.

This latest collection of stories comes riding on the coat-tails of the new Jonah Hex movie, and provides perfect publicity for anyone wanting to find out more about the eponymous anti-hero.

Temporarily breaking away from the self-contained stories which have characterised the rest of their run, writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray here weave a multi-part saga bringing together Hex’s comrades in arms for a bitter showdown with two old enemies. The scarred woman gunslinger Tallulah Black, the preening gambler Bat Lash and the spirit of vengeance El Diablo join Jonah to wreak bloody vengeance on Mexican bandit El Papagayo and plantation owner Quentin Turnbull, two former adversaries who shot him, beat him and buried him alive…

Hard-hitting drama, fast-pumping bullets, and enough blurring of black and white morality to keep you thinking, this is an outstanding series which fully deserves a wider audience.