STEVENAGE Football Club will not face a hike in rent of �50,000 next year as initially agreed, after a decision by the local council.

The cost of leasing the club’s Lamex Stadium from Stevenage Borough Council was due to rise from �25,000 to �75,000 per annum on the anniversary of their promotion to Npower League Two, but now this planned increase has been waived.

Provided Stevenage FC are still playing League football, the rent payable will rise in 2012/13 to �50,000, before the full �75,000 rental fee comes in the following year.

The council’s decision comes after the Broadhall Way outfit wrote asking for financial assistance in meeting Football League criteria for a dedicated CCTV surveillance system ‑– the only element which is not up to League specification.

The installation of CCTV is estimated to cost in excess of �200,000 but, due to the council’s financial situation, it is unable to provide the club with any monetary assistance.

Bob Makin, chief executive of Stevenage FC, said: “As part of the ongoing relationship between the council and the club, we are delighted to keep the rent as it is currently to help enable us to carry out the requirements for a CCTV system.”

Sharon Taylor, leader of the council, said: “We are delighted to have league football at Broadhall Way, and as we are not able to make a financial contribution to help the club meet league requirements for CCTV, we have decided to forgo the rent that was intended to be increased.

“I think it’s important for all of us to recognise that there will be huge benefits of having league football, and it will raise the profile of the town.”