(BBC Audiobooks)

HUNGRY as we are for anything Jane Austen related, there’s no question that Cover to Cover’s Sense and Sensibility audio book will be a hit. It’s a challenge to convey the witticisms of Miss Austen when reading aloud, but Sarah Badel – whose TV credits include Mrs Frobisher in Fingersmith – does it well.

She understands the sparkling social satire so championed by Austen, and smoothly flits between the booming tones of Lady Middleton to the passionate exclamations of Marianne Dashwood, and the squeaky protests of the latter’s younger sister.

As for the story, how can you possibly criticise? Austen has us laughing, crying, screaming and sympathising with her female leads throughout – what a cruel card life plays Marianne – and we are left wanting for more. How about it, Jane – Sense & Sensibility 2 next month?