DOG owners have voiced their anger after a woodland path popular with walkers was relaid using materials including shards of plastic and pieces of cut timber with nails sticking out.

The path, situated in Wymondley Woods, between Willian and Great Wymondley, had a flat earth surface before being relaid on Friday by Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation, which owns the land.

A 10ft high pile of mulch was also found on the outskirts of the woods.

Hitchin resident John Hart, who phoned the Heritage Foundation to complain, has been walking his dog in the woods for the past five years.

Mr Hart, of Rose Hill, said: “There was no reason whatsoever to relay the path.

“It looks like they’ve fly-tipped the woods with wood with nails in it and black plastic.

“It’s made it almost impossible for people walking their dogs - it’s a joke.

“I wouldn’t let my dog walk on it never mind anyone else.”

Fellow dog walker Fiona Harbord, of Essex Road, Stevenage, who also uses the route located close to Wymondley Wood Scout and Guide Centre, added: “It’s absolutely appalling.

“It looks like there’s been a landslide.”

Matt Broadhurst, the Heritage Foundation’s farm and forestry manager, said: “We are committed to recycling as much of our green waste as we can.

“Regrettably, on this occasion, the material used to improve the pathway appears to have contained some non-biodegradable items.

“We are grateful to those members of the public who brought this matter to our attention so promptly and pleased to be taking action to remedy the situation.

“We will be removing immediately all the material and relaying it with a suitable mulching alternative. This informal path will be closed until the work is completed. However, we look forward to reopening this small section of the wood as soon as possible.”