A MAN from Comet country running to become a state senator for Rhode Island has been beaten in the mid-term election poll but says he is “truly energised and will seriously consider running again”.

Republican Geoffrey Cook, who grew up in Stevenage, was beaten by his Democrat opponent Teresa Paiva-Weed for a seat representing Newport and Jamestown.

Mr Cook polled 34 per cent of the vote against Ms Paiva-Weed’s 66 per cent.

The 49-year-old said: “Sadly my run for the Rhode Island Senate came up short.

“Both campaigns ran on the issues and avoided the mudslinging which accompanies others, I certainly enjoyed the debates and learning about the issues which affect Rhode Islanders, especially those who live in Newport and Jamestown.

“Far from feeling despondent about the loss I am truly energised and will seriously consider running again.”

Mr Cook emigrated to the US in 1990 and was an active member of the community while on this side of the Atlantic, volunteering in a secure mental health unit and he was also part of a campaign to name a train after Stevenage.

He said: “In the last three elections, Ms Paiva-Weed’s opponents haven’t broken the 30 per cent support at the ballot, receiving 34 per cent is a great springboard to run again, and win.

“Incidentally I won the race in the election held by the students at North Kingstown High School.

“Although I have a good grasp of the issues in Rhode Island which concern most residents – employment, taxes, housing – I learned areas where I was weak, such as education. Knowing this will only make me stronger!

“I understand and respect the work that Ms Paiva-Weed has to do in her position at the State House, and congratulate her on her win today.”