A CAMPAIGN has been launched to impose a lower speed limit of 20mph on residential roads in Hitchin because the present situation is described as “dangerous”.

Currently, most roads in the area have a speed limit of 30mph, with Herts Highways Partnership rejecting the suggestion to make the whole town a 20mph zone.

But residents have said that they were concerned about fast moving traffic in certain areas of the town.

“There is massive local concern about matters of road safety on our increasingly congested roads where new rat runs are found on a regular basis,” said Cllr Judi Billing.

“This is particularly dangerous in residential areas where families with children live, play and go to work and school.

“Many other towns in the country which have similar problems have brought in a range of 20mph restricted streets and it’s about time we did so in Hitchin.”

Thirteen roads have been prioritised as needing the change, including Verulam Road, Pirton Road, Willow Lane, Bearton Road and Charlton Road.

These along with the others and any more put forward will be considered for change if funding is given for analysis in Spring next year.

This would come from either the Hitchin Area Committee, the North Herts Highways or a combination of both.

A spokesman from the county council said: “We have been asked to look into the possibility of reducing the speed limits on these roads, which we will do on a case-by-case basis.

“In the case of Verulam Road and Pirton Road, investigating the speed limit has been raised as part of the consultation on Hitchin’s Urban Transport Plan so will be considered for speed reduction measures.

“Addressing the issue of rat running in Willow Lane and Charlton Road has also been raised and will be considered as and when funding becomes available.”